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The laughter of Mememnik almost kept Shayne from hearing his wife's desperate call. His sword ripped through flesh, only to find that it was getting replaced almost as fast as he ripped into it. He maneuvered around until Sigh was in his sight, and felt the bond between them, the blood bond, old magic, that anyone could perform. It was strengthened by her family's own affinity for magic. Strengthened further by the desperation they were in.

His blue eyes met hers, and he let whatever walls between them fall, placing himself in her hands. His will power, his strength, everything. Shayne could feel the candle literally being burned at both ends. He fought desperately for his own life as the crazed creature lashed at him again and again, and he felt his will flowing out to his wife as she reached further into her magics. He blocked fewer and fewer of the blows, the black claws ripping through armor and into flesh. Blood poured out of him, out of his enemy, mixing.

Please, Leosine... give her the strength. Her battle is of the mind, not the body, but it is no less your realm." He got shoved to his knees for a moment, and struggled back up.
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Power, Death, and Immortality · Rookwood Forest

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