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On her knees before a fiery portal was a terrifying place for Sigh to be. Abyssal winds of fire made her cheeks darken with ashes that breathed upon her. This was the most she had tried to ever do. Any amateur demonologist would lose their soul to this gate alone before they even shook hands with any sort of fiend. Any amateur would have found their bowels dripped onto their thighs before they stuck their hand into the painful flames where they could see their skin flake away. Sigh's blackened finger bones wiggled stiffly as she looked at them, reaching. I must go further. So it was that she sunk closer to the ground of her mortal plane and reached in her whole right arm as far as she could go and still maintain her balance on this side of the gate. To lean too far in was to be grabbed and stolen away, body and soul.

The fires of Hell raced up her arm, her fat sizzling, her skin popping open with burns like those that her left side had endured only ten times worse in this dark heat. It's not enough! I can't... I can't reach far enough. She tipped her head momentarily to see her husband for what he was. Bloody, battered, but glowing with willpower. I can't! If I take from him, would he be able to hold out against my father long enough to...? I have to! It's the only way! We're both dead anyway if he doesn't! Shayne! Open your will up to me! Allow me to tap it, my love! I need your strength through the bond we share! Her voice was a clear thing, ringing pure over the unnatural, hellish wind that tore around her body, as the skin of her face began to darken as the flames licked at her chin. Sigh needed to reach further. Further!
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