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Shayne gave up on getting his claymore out of the wizard's body, leaving it there, spilling blood, and dodging under Mememnik's arms and behind him, drawing out the broadsword from his hip. He shook blood from his gloves, where they were soaking through the leather under the gauntlets. It didn't feel normal. Wet, sticky, and almost as if his skin were goign to itch.

The wizard, his strange body still growing more bulky, spun quicker than Shayne though he would or could, and reached out for Shayne. The man shifted, trying to get away, only to find his middle grasped by those terrible claws, and they pierced through his armor where their tips met, stabbing into his torso. The strength to the fingers squeezed, making Shayne let out a shout. It was not his usual roar, but neither was it a yelp. Anger bloomed, rage flowed. "For Leosine! He reached down with his free hand, yanking a dagger from its sheath and slamming it into the soft tissue between thumb and forfinger, just as he heard a crack coming from his body. Panting, he left the dagger in the flesh as the hand dropped him to more crazy laughter.

Red robes were shredding as the grotesque body continued to bulge with more and more muscle. Shayne paused for a moment to stare at the wizard who was no longer a man and grinned wildly. Here was his ultimate challenge. A man who was as crazy or crazier than him, who laughed when wounded, was bigger, stronger. and well, creepy, but who cared. Ignoring the pain from the rib he knew was at least cracked, he flung himself back at the creature, broadsword slicing into skin and sending the oily blood flying through the air, splattering across his face.
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