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Fresh blood on stone. It glistened like a silken ribbon in the gray light of the northern day that was slowly getting devoured by the black aura her father was beginning to radiate. What he had done to himself was abomination of the worst sort. Now her husband was fighting him and probably dying against such dark power. She couldn't look, but her ears were really all that she needed to know that Shayne's armor had been cut through. She winced and kept her eyes on the circle of power. Each line was connected, the runes precise and written in a way that a hungry demon would recognize their urgency. To the Abyss I form my request. Open your dread gates and give me power. Give me power over my enemies. Give me power over those I wish to control and destroy. Give me a servant who is no servant. From the darkest depths of Hell, grant me your bloodiest powers.

The runed circle broke, heat coming from it in undulating waves that cast Sigh's hair back and sent it rippling behind her. Fiery light hit her face and she stared into the infernal Abyss below. The heat of it caused her to drip sweat from her brow and parched her lips even as she wet them with a nervous tongue. I must steel myself and reach. All of my will and all of my heart. I can hold nothing back or else all fails. One hand touched her stomach briefly, a reminder of what she risked. And then she reached.

The fires seared at her fingertips immediately. It blackened her skin and began to flake it off like dry parchment and ash. She gritted her teeth and continued to plunge her arm into the depths of fire and darkness, willing to touch and grasp and release a nightmare like none other. But she had to reach deep. Deeper than ever she had reached before. And then she saw her hand turned to bone before her eyes, blackened in the fires of the Abyss, but still she reached, offering the flesh of her arm as well. The excruciating pain made her clenched her teeth.

What could be seen by others in the room was Sigh's arm disappearing into the floor as she was limned with a fiery light, her hair whipping in an unfelt wind.
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