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Memnemik smirked. As you wish, mortal. His demonic voice dripped from his lips and he moved to advance Shayne instead. His muscular legs brought him into striking range almost as fast as Calsylar could run, his reach was as long as Shayne's claymore's blade. His fingernails were black tipped claws that looked as if they spread pestilence. He brought his left arm diving in towards Shayne's face from one side and brought his right arm in towards Shayne's hips in an attempt to stab him with those unhumanly sharp nails and drag him in.

Sigh saw no reason to hesitate. Instead, she pulled her rapier free and sliced open her hand. The red blood welled from the wound and she began to draw a circle frantically. In long, controlled strokes, she began to draw a summoning circle. It would have to be a big one, she realized. She needed to call one with sufficient power to overwhelm her mutated father. By the Abyss, what has he done to himself?! How much power do I need to break him? That was the ultimate question. He had taken her strongest demon and destroyed him in two touches. He treated Calsylar like a ragdoll. She would have to reach as deeply into herself as she did the Abyss to find a creature, a demon, worthy of destroying her deranged father. She could only hope that her beloved could hold out long enough as she drew her circles, making sure that all of the designs were complete before moving to the next one.
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