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The large demon charged, his feet thudding along the floor bodily and aimed himself at Memnemik, flinging some tables aside as he moved. His hands raised and he began to bring them down as Memnemik brought up his own hands. He can't dismiss Farigos. He's too strong for that. Sigh's thoughts gripped and held onto that thought for dear life. Memnemik and the demon grappled. The demonologist's crimson sleeves began to flap and then tear as ropey muscles on the man's pale arms grew. His black painted nails looked odd against the pale skin that they were attached to, but there was little that Sigh could do. The pair of them pushed against each other and Farigos grunted with strain as the other simply grinned wickedly. Once again Memnemik's robes fluttered and his back began to bulge.

Sigh put a hand to her mouth, her eyes wide. No! He couldn't! Her voice was small, terror and disbelief in her voice. Father, what sort of deals did you make...? Farigos began to slide backwards, his clawed toes dragging ruts into the flooring from how hard he was trying to grip it. Memnemik shoved the demon and sent him flying. The demon flew backwards, tumbling end over end before he flew into the balcony railing. It was the only thing that caused him to right himself before once against hurling himself at Memnemik's body that still seemed to be... growing muscle. His arms were elongating unnaturally, the hands lengthening, fingernails turning to claws. He was growing taller, his legs thicker. His teeth seemed to become fangs as he smiled sinisterly as his daughter.

See the power you could have had? Controlling demons is... immortality! An insane cackle spurted from between his lips as Farigos tried to shoulder into the transformed man. Memnemik grabbed onto the demon's shoulders and sunk his claws and fingers through the demon's flesh. Farigos roared and blood spurted from his eyes before he began to burn, issuing ichor from every orifice and melting into the ground. It is just you and me now, dearest daughter. Come. Give your father a hug. He opened his arms and laughed, his voice sounding strangely possessed.

Sigh trembled. He strode forward. He would claim her life. What do I do? What do I do? Her mind felt blank. He had taken all of her demons so effortlessly and the only one she could summon to her side now was one for defensive purposes that already proved that he was useless. I need... I need another demon... She looked back to where her husband had been fighting the harpy woman. Shayne, I need you.... I need you to hold him off! Just don't... don't...! She couldn't say it. Moisture was in her eyes. JUST DON'T DIE ON ME!
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Power, Death, and Immortality · Rookwood Forest

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