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Syclones was angry. She hadn't been bloodied like this in...well however long demons could go without it. The fool of a mortal man was laughing at her. At her. Rage built in her and with a shriek, she dived towards Shayne, claws outstretched. She would rip him to shreds!

Shayne laughed as she zoomed towards him, not bringing his claymore to bear against her. He pulled it around at the last second, when she couldn't pull up and avoid it. There was a sickening wet sound as her body was split by the sword, and he roared in triumph as he pulled her to the ground and sliced her in half with his favorite weapon. Blood spurted up at him, sticky, and a strange, off-color. Harpy blood. And after a moment, her body thudded to the ground, leaving streaks of strangely colored ichor until it slid into the balcony railing and stopped moving.

Shayne looked up, back at the rest of the battle. He had heard Orikuna get dismissed, and the shout of rage, but had no idea what was going on now. He looked just in time to see Farigos appear, and growled. That was Sigh's biggest... He pushed towards the battle, ready to stand as a last line of defense, bruised under his armor but still going.
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