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The tentacle demon whipped out to try to catch the man's ankle and succeeded for only a moment before Memnemik caught the demon's tip in his hand. Dismissed, vermin! Orikuna wilted into a puddle on the floor. Two down, dearest. How many more do you have? He chuckled darkly as he began to advance towards Sigh.

The woman glanced at Shayne desperately, but seeing him still engaged with Syclones, she would have to try again. Barriego was still wrapped around her... for now. And only Calsylar and Farigos were at her disposal now, but if she summoned Farigos, Barriego would have to be dismissed. She bit her lip and narrowed her eyes. Enough to defeat you! She flicked her wrist and uttered Calsylar's words as the demon of speed rushed out of the Abyss like a shooting star. He darted directly at Memnemik, his speed taking the demonologist offguard for a moment. But a moment was enough. Calsylar's sharp fingers shot for the man's face. He ducked to the side, but Calsylar's fingers cut across his pale skinned cheek and cut the crimson mask from his face. Stay out of reach of his hands, Calsylar!

The demon nodded and darted around towards Memnemik's back as the man scowled, his face reddening with outrage. With the mask gone off of his face, one could see the fine wrinkles at the corner of his old, blue eyes despite the youthfulness in his near perfect face. You shall pay for that insult with your soul! His shout carried across the room. The blood on his cheek was a red that seemed nearly black as it ran freely.

Sigh trembled, but remained upright and issued an order for Calsylar to come at his back. The demon's dagger sharp teeth appeared between his grinning lips as he lunged in from behind as the man once again began to advance towards Sigh. This time, however, the man was ready for him, Memnemik spun with unhuman speed and caught Calsylar's wrist as it flew by his ribbon-like hair and slammed the demon to the ground. Moan for your undoing. As Calsylar lay disoriented from the force, Memnemik brought his foot down on the demon's face with a force that belied his shape and size, leaving a smoking hole in the ground as the demon's body melted away like wax. Who is next? And so it was that he began to cross the room more swiftly.

Farigos appeared and Barriego vanished, dismissed so she could try once more with the last and strongest demon she had to offer up as a sacrifice to destroy her father. She only prayed that Shayne would finish off the bird woman soon that he could hold off her father should she need to make one more desperate attempt. Or call a new demon... The realization was a grim one and one that would take all the determination and willpower she had to accomplish it should it become necessary.
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