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Syclones let out a screech as she felt Shayne's hand grasp around her foot and pull her towards him. Shayne let out a loud laugh as his strength bulged and fought hers. But her wings had nothing to catch on. They battered at him, and he felt the blows and laughed, laughing turned to a roar and he shoved forward and slammed his heavy body into her. He felt the spikes on his shoulders pieces flesh and he pounded one free hand into her wing. Her screech of pain echoed in his ears and he grinned fiercely.

Blood made his grip slippery though, and she struggled fiercely until she broke away, leaving feathers and blood on the floor and covering Shayne. He laughed as he got up, the crazy glint in his eye that got him named the Mad Lion. "Come at me again, bird!" He lifted his claymore high, and with a shriek of anger, the blood covered demon threw something at him. He let it hit his chest, and laughed up at her again taunting her.
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