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Memnemik didn't appear concerned as he waved the hand that had been up at his face to quell the flames. I would have thought that you could have brought better. Though if you want to play with fire... The man smirked and flicked the fingers of his hand, calling three fire demons into creation. They were created bodily from fire with eyes that were blue and white fire. They grinned with their fiery mouths and advanced.

Barriego righted himself and wrapped his body around Sigh's as Sylvana moved to intercept. She ducked down and crossed her arms over chest, her dark eyes narrowed to fine slits. No match for me! The three fire demons sqeaked like mice as they got caught in Sylvana's new magic. She drew them towards her, sucking them into herself through her outstretched fingertips. Her limbs were lined by light orange flames and she moved to attack Memnemik bodily on his throne.

Impressive! He clapped his hands together twice as if all this was part of a simple parlor trick. Sylvana darted in and swung her fiery clawed hands at his face. One hand lifted, Memnemik repelled at her with his invisible barrier once more though it seemed to shimmer for a moment. The succubus tried it again. Something shattered this time, the tinkles of glass hitting the floor alerted Sigh to the prospect. However, Memnemik's hand darted out and caught ahole of Sylvana's wrist. Lovely succubus, dismissed! Sylvana disappeared like a popped soap bubble.

Sigh's eyes widened and her fists and jaw clenched. Orikuna! The tentacle demon uncoiled itself and rolled through the floor. Usually unable to move, Sigh's will was such that she forced it to do so. It battered at the throne like an angry blugeon and Memnemik was forced to dart off of it now with his barrier broken through. It was the first promising sign that she could win since they arrived at the top of this damned tower. He's running! He had to leave his throne! Orikuna gave chase.
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