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Shayne moved without speaking, obeying his wife without question. This was his part in this battle. To be another appendage for her. He was her protector. He gave her extra strength. As Syclones took wing, he drew his claymore, waiting for her to attack.

The first attack was predictable, she dived from the sky, reaching out with claws to rip at him. Without faltering, he raised his sword, deterring her for the moment and catchign the end of a feather. It fluttered down to the floor. There wasn't enough space for her to dive often though, and Shayne wasn't worried about the attack. He tried to keep his eyes on the flying demon, but the first attack had sent her over his head, and he turned to find her again, only to find a glass beaker flying at him. Automatically raised to block, he heard the glass break and felt it scatter over his armor, along with the liquid splashing up against his cheeks. He felt no pain, so he dismissed it.

His eyes found her again, and he waited. There wasn't much he could do when she hovered high, but when she came down to grab something... And there she went, moving swiftly. He charged, and she almost swooped away, but got entangled around his arm as he raised it to strike. Instead, both of them crashed down onto the table, breaking it, and the implements that were fragile upon it. Shayne grinned, feeling a cut on his cheek and knowing that as his blood got spilled he would only fight harder. The bird-woman was scraped up as they began to detangle, but he grabbed for her, pulling her closer, to where his spiked armor would rent her flesh open.
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