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With Shayne's hand lightly on her back, she could feel his strength like a wall behind her, comforting in its stability and toughness. Without speaking, she began to relay verbal commands to Sylvana. The succubus took one step forward as if stabilizing herself and then launched a barrage of flame at the man in the chair who lazily lifted the hand from his arm rest once more, hand with its palm out. The fires crashed against it and spread upwards and down along what appeared to be a solid yet invisible wall. Oh come now, dearest. Is this all? If I had known you would be so little challenge, I would have found and strangled you at birth.

He desired to trip her up by making her angry. It was as if he knew exactly what to say to make her angry and perhaps he did. Unfortunately, you were too weak to know that I lived when I was born and that the woman you seeded was even still alive. Sigh grinned coldly.

Memnemik's face twitched for a second before resuming its ivory mask underneath the red one about his eyes. She had struck him. I would be very careful as to what you say to me, child.

As she had with Shayne when she first met him, Sigh began to use her wits, wrapping them around her tongue like a weapon, to control and command. Oh, I'm so scared! Her sarcastic tone dripped venom. Her grin widened cruelly. If you were truly so powerful, it's amazing that you didn't come after me yourself. No, you had to send me an invitation by carrier pigeon. Syclones feathers ruffled where she stood behind his throne. A motion from Memnemik's hand sent her to wing. Shayne, take care of her. She's only flesh and blood. Her eyes never left her father's as she trusted her husband to obey. Barriego! A point sent the glass stick man bending and flinging himself out and over towards the man on the throne. The demon's body stretched out and began trying to wrap around the older demonologist who once again had his hand out. No matter how far Barriego tried to stretch, he couldn't seem to encompass Memnemik's body at all. Instead it was as if he was sliding about a spherical shield that he couldn't wrap completely. Memnemik clenched his palm and sent the glass demon hurtling back towards where Sigh and Sylvana stood. Both had to jump out of the way or risk being cut by Barriego's sharp body. Sylvana darted ahead and tried to blast the man from up close, a wall of fire that squeezed towards him.
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