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Shayne followed her steadily. He was her backup. He was here for moral support more than anything else. He could feel the dread building, and it seemed to make his armor weigh even heavier on his shoulders. By the time they reached the top of the staircase and entered the top room, he was sweating slightly. He didn't care though, instantly feeling more energy flow through him as the confrontation started.

He remained silent though, lips twisting into a snarl with the effort. He wanted to attack this man, who dared to push Sigh into a corner and toy with her. Instead of saying anything, he moved closer behind her, slinking in his spiked metal and leather armor. One hand reached out as he came up right behind her, laying gently against her back. She needed to know that he was there for her. We live or die, but we stay together. No fear pushed at him, except for his fear for her.
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