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They were able to traverse the spiral staircase up to the very room wihtou being accosted by anyone or anything thing though the very tangible feeling of eyes on them continued to increase every floor. It was not a short walk and the staircase was fairly broad with rooms branching out or hallways attached to rooms though it made no sense structurally with what the building should have looked like. Sigh knew this from being here before. The building was enhanced, enchanted, and magicked in such a way that it was easy to bend space completely inside the tower itself without editting its outward appearance. The more hallways she noted, the more she realized how her father's power had grown. When she had last been here, there had been fewer rooms and hallways. What have you done to yourself, father? She felt Shayne at her back the entire way though at the same time, the feeling of dread began to press upon her even harder.

It was then that they entered the top chamber of the tower. It was a combination of laboratory and observatory with the staircase coming out of the south side wall. A balcony surrounded the entire chamber though the outside was only visible through the four large archways. The rest of the walls grew upwards to form a domed shape in ruddy colored brick. Throughout the room were worktables and benches and a great throne that sat facing the staircase from the northside. On that throne sat a man with long dark brown hair that was nearly black that was kept in a loose tail falling at his side like a waterfall to pool at the floor. His crimson robes were well fitting and a golden sash hung down from both of his shoulders. He wore a face mask that looked like those that nobles would wear at a masquerade, simply around his two icy blue eyes. His posture suggested that he was horribly bored, one arm resting on the armrest of his gawdy black silk and gold throne and the other resting at the side of his face as if nursing a migraine. Only Syclones stood behind his throne. The rest of the room appeared to be empty. Sigh could feel his eyes on her the second that they entered in the doorway and she froze.

So good of you to come, daughter. Though he spoke fairly quietly, it seemed as if his words alone could push her off of the balcony and send her plummetting to her death several stories below.

Father... I can't let him unnerve me now! I have to... Sigh's nerves quailed internally. She could feel power revving up inside the tower as if it was some sort of large generator. He was building something even as they wasted time speaking.

How good of you to visit. A slight kink in the side of his mouth let her know that he was playing with her. He looked her own age except for the elder wisdom in his tired, ancient ice blue eyes.

You know full well that this is no visit. I'm here to kill you. She took two steps forward to allow Barriego and Sylvana to exit the staircase and flank her as well as give Shayne room to move behind her.

So I said to my father many years ago, but I was stronger than my father then. I had an army of demons. What have you to end me? He chuckled and motioned with his arm at her two demons. You have two! Oh, and lest I forget the man... You have two demons and a mortal in a metal jar to defeat me. I am so terrified! His mocking tone stung her and caused Sigh's lips to scowl as the man on the throne laughed.

I have no idea how to start this fight. He's not even concerned that I could kill him. He mocks me. I... She swallowed hard, her nerves causing her to suddenly doubt herself. How do I win if I don't even know how to begin? Damn him!
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