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Shayne walked up with Sigh, just a step behind her. He felt as though he were walking into one of the biggest battles of his life. He knew that he produced a fearsome sight, armor spiked, his eyes glittering out from underneath the teeth of his helm. He felt the way that Sigh had drawn her confidence around herself like a shield, and allowed it. This was what she needed. He would have her back. The weight of his armor and his weapons made him stride along like the body guard he felt he was. As long as she was protected, he felt that they could win any fight.

His love swelled at the sight of her though. Watchful as he was for any of the shadows, he just wanted to show the world how beautiful his wife was. This confident, strong woman who was as stubborn as he, and perhaps stronger of will. I am here for you. He sent the thought to her as strong as he could.
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