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Shayne's quick tug surprised her as he pulled her into his arms, kissing her on the top of her head, her fingers pressed against his cold breastplate. She smiled as he pulled away from her again to see to their horses, his words sticking in her ears. We have to. For his sake alone. I will not let him die. Sigh mentally began preparing herself as Shayne saw to the horses. She call Barriego to her side along with Sylvana. You will prove useful to me now. I will accept no arguments from either of you. If you want to be recalled to this plane of existence again, you will obey.

Of course, Mistress.

I'm sure your father's a very nice man, Mistress. Sigh rolled her eyes at Sylvana's response.

Once Shayne had the horses seen to, Sigh led them all to the front entrance. It was a set of double doors that could allow ten men to enter side by side. There was a knocker placed on both doors in the center of heavy worked iron of horrible gargoyles with rings in their mouths. The woman stepped up to it without hesitation and worked the heavy contraption for a single pound which seemed to be muffled by the falling snow, making all those that sought entrance feel smaller. The door itself creaked open though nothing visible pulled upon it. The grand hall it opened onto was dark at first, but with Sigh's first step into it, candles lit up on sconces set into the walls at even intervals. The floor was covered with a stripe of red carpeting that lead towards the beginning of a spiralling staircase. Portraits were attached to the walls at even spacing though the subject matter of each one appeared to be someone in a state of terror or mutilation. Nothing moved to bar their way. Sigh strode forth purposefully, looking to neither the right nor the left as if she was suddenly a Master Sorceress and afraid of nothing. It was as reckless as when she had charged down the rise on her horse, but this time she could feel eyes upon her and wanted to appear calm and aloof. Barriego would have to be the one protecting her from foolhardiness and Sylvana would battle at Shayne's side on her behalf. Who knew what would happen as they set their feet to the stairs?
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