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Chuckling slightly as he pulled away, Shayne sobered quickly. "Well, m'lady... Let's get the horses out of the snow then." He followed her, glaring at the space the their accompanying demon had disappeared to. But it wasn't long before they were out of the cold air and into the slightly less cold stables. Shayne dismounted quickly, and here, where he at least felt out of sight, even if her father could be spying on them in some other fashion, he sighed a bit and moved to help Sigh from her saddle.

Before she could object, he tugged her against his body in a tight embrace. He kissed the top of her head as he held her for a moment, whispering to her. "We'll be the ones walking out of this tower, my love. I won't allow it to be any other way." he stood there a moment longer, and then moved, starting to take the tack off of the horses, tossing it over the stall railings.

it wouldn't be long now. He could feel the oncoming battle. It made his heart quicken and his movements smooth out all the more. By the time they entered the tower, he woudl be battle ready. Because, no matter that it wasn't his to fight, he would help however he was able.
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