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Sigh's lips curved into a smile underneath his savage kiss and she knew he could feel it. The smile was one that she had used often enough when they had first met. A half smile that promised wickedness. I have to be crazy, Shayne. If I came this far, to this place... She looked at the stones ahead, tall and forbidding in the gray light of this northern world. The snow clouds obscured the top and the snowflakes fell onto her upraised cheeks. There she goes... We must be close enough. Sigh pointed at the dark blob that was Syclones flying towards the top of the tower where the woman knew her father probably waited and watched them as he scryed from a bowl filled with blood, using his demonic powers. She blinked to get the snow out of her eyes and looked back towards Shayne and then back towards the entrance of the tower itself, a hand crawling up to her still flat stomach as her mind switched to other thoughts.

It would be easy to turn and run. So easy. She could wheel her horse and charge away from this place. But he would never let her go. Her father would track her down before she could get any stronger. She could believe that now that she knew her heritage and could feel the power that welled from inside of her, doubled since she had last been at this place and accused its owner of being her brother. She nudged her horse into motion towards the stables at a sedate trot. Is this the end of my journey? My life? I started everything in a little house at the edge of a woods as a daughter of a whore and a magician who despised her. Now here I am, the wife of a paladin, the mother to a child that will be demon-possessed. If I do not complete this task, he will kill me. I know the truth that Barriego spoke to me now. I can feel the power radiating from these stones. It pulses like blood through an open vein. There can truly only be one. Either my father or myself. If he lives, my legacy will die. If I live, then I will be in charge of his legacy, to destroy it or build upon it. This tower and everything in it... By the Abyss... As she pulled her horse into the stable and dismounted, she sighed. Am I ready for this? It was a rhetorical question to herself, but it was a valid one.
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