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Shayne was as quiet as Sigh during their week of travel. He was almost sullen, glaring at their follower whenever she came into sight, but dutifully taking care of everything he could. He kept a protective eye on Sigh, but held back from helping her more than he usually would. But in his mind, he worried. What if she truly was pregnant? How soon would they know for sure? He kept his questions silent.

As they approached the tower, he frowned. It was somehow appropriate that the rusty color was so alike to that of blood. He jumped a little when Sigh recklessly pushed her horse into a gallop, but followed close behind, kicking the gelding into an effortless run downhill. When they pulled up, he growled loudly. "Are you crazy, woman? You could have broken your horse's neck! and your own!" He didn't dismount, but rather reached out for her, kneeing his horse close enough to kiss her fiercely as anger warred with relief.
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