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The journey from Westrel's estate took them a week and a half. And since then, the weather only got more cold. Snow drifted down silently though it was still light. The trees stood around them like dark, silent sentinels, watching and waiting, breath held. For Sigh, it seemed like centuries since she had last laid eyes on the rust colored stones of the Tower. It had been a place that, once she had departed, she never wanted to come to again despite the promise of reunification that it might have once offered. The trail here had been an uncomfortable one with Syclones never very far behind, watching and undoubtedly relaying the progress of their trip to her master. Sigh had spoken little the entire time, wanting to reveal as little as possible to the man whom she considered her father and her greatest enemy.

She reined in her horse on the rise before the tower and looked at it now from the short distance. They would ride down the hill to the stable and see to their horses before entering in through the front door. They would be wary of traps and her father's demon servants. From what she could remember, he had at least one hundred minor denizens of the Abyss at his beck and call. Those were only the visible ones. She sighed softly, willing strength into herself. We're here. This is it. The end of everything. Either for myself or my father. Barriego's words from not so long ago echoed in her ears. There could only be one. When my time comes to have children... If I am to have more than just the one I bear as a sacrifice, I will teach them to love each other. They will not kill each other. They will rule their world together as will their decendents. The image came again of Shayne with two little girls hanging onto the ends of his arms as he led them through a field full of wildflowers. A bittersweet smile stole across her face. We're here. Might as well announce ourselves to my dear father. She spurred her horse on in a flurry of carelessness. The mare whinnied and plunged down the hill towards the tower and its stable.
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