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Sigh was glad when Shayne did as she asked. It was easier that way. He had left her alone with her thoughts as they bounced around in her head as she desperately tried to tamper them down or smother them with other thoughts, like "If I were a conceited yet fearful noble, where would I keep my coin purses besides on me at all times?" She decided to summon Sylvana for assistance despite the demoness' tendencies to try to shirk her control.

However, Sylvana worked fairly sedately without quarrel for once. I can sense your mood, Mistress Sigh. It just means that ass Barriego succeeded with his plan when my own and Calsylar's failed. He's been lording it all over the Abyss since you dismissed him.

Sigh's spine jerked as she spun to look at the succubus. You knew?!

Sylvana shrugged. Yeah. Not like I got invited to participate. Save your anger. There is some honor between demons and we do not share the others' ploys with our Masters. Besides, you already agreed to the deal. He just wanted to speed everything along. Not my problem. It's yours now. Sigh sighed heavily and continued looking. There was no point in arguing with the demoness. What was done was done. What would be would be whether she wished it or not.

In the end, Sigh found two small coin purses that held a few silver pieces and a cloak that looked like it would fit her though Shayne was much too large for anything that Westrel had in his home. As it was, Sigh stood over the bent and broken body of the lordling of the manor and gazed down at him dispassionately. You used me and set things in motion. I had little enough control of things since the beginning, it seems. And then you took the last thing I had control of away, myself. Now everything is uncertain or feels more uncertain to me. You deserved a worse fate than what you received, but it's out of my hands. She kicked his ribs, spat on his face, and then headed for the kitchens.

Sylvana scared away the mercenaries and Sigh gathered food that would keep. Jerked beef, dried pork, cheese, tack bread, these she packed carefully. Then she made one small pack up of other things that would have to be gone in a few days because, despite the fact that she had been living on trail rations for most of her adult life, she still thought she deserved to eat something that tasted good once in a while.

Soon she was standing with Shayne, to get his help to mount up and get her packs situated when the dark feathered creature dropped from the tree boughs. Greetings again, Shayne. My greetings to you, daughter of my Lord. Syclones gave a short bow, her white smile bright within her black lips.

Sigh had gasped and drew back startled, her mind getting ready to send Sylvana into battle, but held it when the creature spoke. What do you want, creature? Her statement was a demand.

I would have greeted you before now, but your... servitor recommended I remain out of his sight. So I have. Now the time is right for your invitation. My Master, Lord Memnemik of the Red Tower, bids you greetings and invites you to join him at his place of residence so that he and yourself may discuss your... inheritance.

Sigh shuddered. Part of her screamed that it was all a trap. The other part desperately wished that he really wanted to acknowledge her as his child. Barriego's words were rattling in her head all the more. There can only be one...
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