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Shayne pressed a kiss to his wife's hand before she walked away to start rummaging through Westrel's rooms. He turned then, letting his expression settle into a scowl as he moved with his lion's gate through the house. The mercenaries were still able to be heard in different rooms, collecting trinkets perhaps. He ignored them, and they didn't bother him.

(a short while later)

Shayne stood outside, holding the reins of three horses. He had made it to the stables before the mercenaries, and could tell which ones were their mounts. Those horses, while of good quality, were a bit more unkempt, a little thinner. Signs that they were not always well fed. Alongside that, they were covered with scars, and built solidly. He had skipped over them, looking at Westrel's own horses.

Among them, he found a good set. A gentle palfrey that would not make riding difficult for Sigh. He knew that she was not the best rider. The mare was solidly built, not delicate, but quite obviously not warhorse lines, and she was gentle enough that Shayne's bulk moving through the stables had startled her, but she had calmed quickly. Her dun coloring was not overly common, but she was a plain enough horse. He wanted nothing to make them stand out more than they already did. The plain brown cob that Shayne had saddled with a packsaddle stood at ease, every now and then reaching down to lip at the grass unenthusiastically. Across the saddle already were several decent sized bags of grain. They would be able to graze most of the way. It wasn't late in the year. But grain would help their mounts go for longer hours.

The horse Shayne had picked for himself was a little bigger than the palfrey. It was a bay, with reddish brown as it's main color. Black stockings inched up the geldings legs and his black mane and tail were sleek. He stood with the gelding and the packhorse on one side, his helmet and pack already tucked on the packsaddle. He hoped that Sigh had found both some supplies and perhaps, thought to grab some blankets. He wasn't going to ride in full armor. He kept breastplate on, but removed most of the extra pieces. Bracers stayed, but gauntlets were removed to leave only the gloves behind, his pauldrons had been pulled off of his shoulders, and his greaves removed as well. All that was left was for Sigh to come out, and for them to start away. They still had enough daylight to get a good distances away from this house.
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