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Sigh was glad that Shayne lifted her to her feet as she wasn't sure she could have managed it by herself. It was strange to think about the possibility of a life being inside of her suddenly. It filled her with dread because of what this child would be, would become, and the fact that it was all her own fault, her own weakness in a moment of terror. With this possibility of a child, I bought my life then. The memory latched onto her.

Darkness in the ship's hold. Wicked shining eyes surrounding her in the torchlight. No hope. Pain. Pain. Pain. Red hot pain shooting up her arm. No one could hear her. No one that would care. Offered promise. Bad bargain. Denying a child would ever come to pass. Denying love. Bargain made. Hope. Shayne. Blood. Pain. Terror. Darkness. But she yet lived.

Shayne's gloved fingers traced her cheek, love in his eyes. She had to think. Yes, horses would make it faster. We should take three. Take some supplies from his kitchen for the journey. Maybe some coin for some warmer clothes. We can load all the extra supplies on the third horse. Her voice was calm, calculating. Thinking and analyzing was all that she could do to overcome her own fear of what Barriego had done to her and what was to come. She turned away from Shayne to look over Westrel's chambers. Surely he had some good, sturdy cloaks here and a stash or two of coin. The woman turned to her lover again, meeting his eyes with her own look of control again. She had mastered herself for the time being. Shayne, go find the stables. Pick out three good horses and get them ready. I'll pick over the chambers here and see about finding some food in the kitchens before finding you. At least with you going to get the horses, I can assume that the mercenaries will leave you alone and that you know what you're looking for better than I on that score.

The demonologist stepped away from her husband to start poking around in drawers, assuming that he would pay heed to her and go get some transportation. As she was no midwife, she had very few ideas as to how long it would be before she was struck by morning sickness despite the fact that she already felt sick in the pit of her stomach simply because of the situation.

Syclones sat in her tree over the stables and waited. She would introduce herself to Sigh as soon as the pair showed themselves.
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