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Shayne's brows frowned in confusion. The demon had somehow fooled Sigh, that much was obvious, but how? He listened carefully, trying to sort the whole story out. So, Barriego had known Sigh's family lineage before she had. That was easy enough to understand. And being a barrier demon rather than an antagonistic one, he had waited, and waited.

As she choked out her curse and sank, he let her, bending slightly to adjust but not understanding. His face had shifted into a mask of confusion. Her voice caught his attention again. They did have to go north, yes, but why a rush?

Shock smacked him like an icy fish to his face as his mind processed.

If I'm..." Her hand was on her stomach. The night before... She hadn't made her usual cup of tea afterwards, and he had not thought of it in the heat of the moment, the eve before revenge was taken. His own knees gave out and he sank beside her, gathering her closer to him. His cheek pressed against hers, her silky hair between them, and he whispered fiercely. "It's not too late. It's never too late. For anything." He pulled back to brush her hair to the side, face softened from anger and confusion and into protectiveness. "If you are..." His voice caught and he continued, unable to speak the words "with child" "Then we shall simply have to find a way to travel with speed." He rose, swallowing back his own worry, his fear that he might lose her and the possible child in the fight to come, and pulled his wife to her feet as well.

He paused a moment to look at her, caressing her cheek with his gloved fingers. Love sprang forth, hiding his terror for her behind protectiveness and stubborn determination to live a life with her. He used duty as his shield. "Will we need horses? Surely Westrel has some we can take from his stables."
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