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Sigh was in a rage. It was nothing like the heavy-handed, bludgeoning rage that Shayne would go into when fury overtook reason. No, hers was cold and icy where she wished someone harm that would take hours to complete. The man's hand wrapped around her forearm and, for a moment, she forgot who it was that had grasped her. The woman jerked at her arm, willing it to be freed, but Shayne's grip held tight. Her teeth were clenched as she looked up to her husband's face. He set me up! It was a vicious growl of a reply that she spat out of her mouth. She ground her teeth together, the audible sound one that caused her to flinch before she stopped.

She sighed heavily and placed her free hand on her forehead, her fingertips pressing tightly into her hair. I'm such a fool. He knew everything from the beginning. Who I was, who my father was, my lineage even though I didn't really. That bastard maneuvered me into a position to accept his deal right from the very beginning! Most demons aren't nearly that patient. I would have thought that he would have tried to break my control sooner, but he never did. He was a simple defensive demon. What did I have to fear from him? That's what he'd say. I believed it! Most demons want their master, but... Barriego obviously didn't. He wanted his own body. He wanted... A light suddenly came on. Sigh's eyes widened, her mouth hanging open. Damn me... It was more of a choke said with such a hopelessness as her hand flew to her mouth, her eyes staring off into her own thoughts.

I forgot to take the herbs last night. It's too late now. I would have to take a bigger dose, but that might... By the Abyss! He set me up! There's no way I could take it now and hope not to have it damage me permanently. I've been taking it for so long already. The rage left Sigh's body as if she had been felled by a punch in the stomach. Despite Shayne's grip on her arm, she sunk to her knees as the realization of everything had finally been brought to bear. I have to go through with it. I have to honor my deal. Her free hand gently caressed her flat stomach. We have to kill my father soon. If I'm..., then there's not that much time before I'll be more vulnerable to him. We have to go straight north from here, to his Red Tower. It's too late for... for everything now. Her hair hung in front of her face as she struggled to blink away the moisture that was starting to form in her eyes. She was being pushed into the confrontation she dreaded and feared beyond anything she had ever face before. She could picture his smooth face and long, lustrous dark hair pulled back into a loose tail that dragged along the floor. His cold blue eyes were icier than her own. His perpetual youth was wrapped around him like the crimson and gold robes he wore. And he's already a master of his craft as I'm just coming into my own. Darkness... How am I going to do this? I wonder if he knows that I'm coming.

Syclones waited in a tree nearby the manor, watching for her master as she had ever since the pair of humans had made their way past Phenvast City. Oh yes, Erik Memnemik, the Lord of Demons, certainly knew that they were coming. In fact...
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