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Shayne took a moment to use one of the tapestries in he room to clean off his claymore's cross guard, the blood that was on it seemed a disgrace to the sword. He moved to look out the doorway, making sure the mercenaries were actually leaving. He sheathed his claymore, listening as Sigh's voice and Barriego's bantered back and forth. He didn't truly realize what it was about until Sigh's voice grated with rage and she dismissed the demon swiftly. Memory flashed through his mind, and he too realized that she had not made a cup of her regular tea after the night before. And from what it seemed, the demon had influenced that in some fashion.

His own features contorted with anger, eyes blazing, jaw clenched but his movements were smooth, like a hunting cat, as they ever were. Moving swiftly, he caught his wife's arm, tugging her to a halt for a moment. "Sigh." He knew she would resist and insisted, with his free hand, that she look up at him, meet his glittering eyes. "What was he talking about?" He knew of the deal that was made with the demon, but the short conversation had confused him. What had Barriego meant about only one remaining, about this being Sigh's legacy?
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