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Bloodlust surged in Shayne's eyes at the entrance of the three mercenaries. His lips twisted in their snarl. Glancing at Sigh, he could see that powerful drive mirrored in her. They both were still hungry for the violence that drove them both along in their lives. He calculated. Could they afford the time it would take (next to none) to kill these men? Who knew how many more might come along to the sounds of battle? They needed to finish the chase to Sigh's father...

His voice was slow, and he was shaking visibly with the effort of holding back from launching himself at the three men. "You're boss is dead. Take what you will of the house and grounds... But if you wish to see yourselves live... You best disappear until me and my lady are long gone." His his eyes glared from beneath the teeth of his lion's helm, his cheeks rough with stubble from the journey to get there. If anything, the rough look made him seem all the more dangerous.

He would not start this fight, but he didn't feel like wasting time on the mongrels when there were bigger fights to be had.
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