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Sigh watched silently as the proceedings laid themselves out in a picture of pain. Her icy blue eyes devoured it. Suffer, you bastard. Suffer for what you did to me. Know pain. Know fear. Know of your end. Her pale fingertips pressed against the chilly barrier that Barriego had erected as a clear door. A part of her marvelled at the amount of power she commanded now. Barriego had always been a sphere, but now he had been a constricting coffin and a barrier glued upon a wooden structure. Her mouth was a distracted smile as she watched her brutal husband pummel the man in the stomach. Westrel wheezed, no doubt trying to protest, to lie, to barter with his death. His insides creaked, but Shayne's kick finished it, breaking ribs that audibly snapped. The pain radiated from the man and Sigh's smile widened, her eyes affixed to the man as blood dribbled from his lips as he coughed. He broke something. Good.

Westrel was flung with the flat of Shayne's blade, rolling him over onto his back. Stab him through the heart. Cut it out! Squeeze it in your palm! Make him suffer for me! The demonologist waited, the fingertips of both hands resting eagerly against Barriego's surface, the whorls of her fingerprints clearly outlined in her previous victim's blood. Shayne's booted foot stomped down on Westrel's chest as the squirming man issued a hoarse sort of scream from the exacerbated pain from his ribcage's wounds. Hurt him, Shayne. Hurt him!

Shayne raised up the man by the throat. Westrel fought with him, scrabbling at his arm like a cat with no claws. The lordling's face reddened and paled, his lips turning steadily blue. It's too light of a punishment! Shayne! Make him suffer for me! By the Abyss, make him wish for a fast end! No... No! She kept her mouth pursed tightly shut as Shayne strangled him before hurling the man bodily towards Barriego. The body thudded loudly against it though Barriego moved not at all. Westrel's hoarse scream made it obvious that something else had snapped and broken in the violence. Shayne was upon him like a lion, punching him in the face, Westrel's teeth flying out again to scatter across the floor like thrown dice, a flying ribbon of blood spattering by thanks to the deep cut in his cheek. By now, the lordling was no more than a ragdoll. Sigh hadn't even flinched when he had been hurled at her. She had seen his blood smeared on the other side of the barrier, a delightful crimson swipe that made her wish that she was the one as his executioner. Only her love for her husband bid her wait. There were others that she would end that he could not, she was assured. But even so... This death is too good for a bastard like him. She frowned deeply, one of her hands dropping to her side.

The Mad Lion gripped Westrel by the hair and stabilized his body before he twisted and jerked it. The lordling's neck popped, vertebrae crunching under the force, bruising appearing instantaneously as the blood rushed to just under the surface of the skin. His nose ran free with red liquid, his eyes quickly losing their feverish luster. It was over too soon. He deserved every ounce of my malice. Sigh's other hand dropped to her side as she watched Shayne toss the body with a disdainful growl. It slapped wetly against the hardwood flooring and moved no more.

The demonologist's eyes were transfixed by the body. She stared at it, unwilling to believe that it was quite over, that this was not just one more trick in Westrel's repertoire for escapes. It was only when the heavy thuds of Shayne's fingers on Barriego's surface reached her ears did she realize that she should be instructing her demon. The woman's eyes looked to her husband's serious face and she nodded. Barriego, return to your base form.

As you wish, Mistress. Barriego felt a victory within himself. Sigh, so filled with a vengeance inside of her, had increased her mastery of her magicks. She might not have even realized it. As it was, to battle against her father, she needed all the skill, luck, and divine blessings that she could get. The demon warped his form back into that of the glass stick man that he normally was seen as, his surface glimmering like crystal and casting his light about all the nearby rooms.

Footsteps pounded into the rooms behind them, the entry chamber to the lord's chambers. Lord Westrel! The guard outside your-- Who the hell are you?! Seven of Westrel's mercenary guards stood in the room, looking towards Sigh, Barriego, and Shayne. Out of the three, Barriego was the most foreign, but Shayne was the most threatening. So it was to him that they turned their attention.

The flesh on Sigh's arms prickled. Power nipped at her, egging her on. She would summon another demon if the men did not leave and soon. Unsated violence remained in her thin frame. She wished for blood. More blood than Westrel had in his entire body. She would spill it across the world and leave nothing untouched, this is what was boiling up inside of her, almost tangible to those around her. Leave or die!
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