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Shayne spun as Westrel dodged around him, cursing in his mind. He was still much more used to fighting those who would fight instead of run. The stupid man was like a weasel, a rodent, whipping out of his reach and back towards the door, where Sigh... He quickened his pace, even as he saw Barriego shoot in pale streak towards them. Then, just as suddenly, the door was blocked, and Westrel was whimpering, crying out.

Reasonable? Shayne smirked for a moment at that. Everyone knew that once a Leosinian man was angered, or woman for that matter, the last thing you asked them to be was reasonable. Death of the offender was often the only option. And the things Westrel offered, were nothing. His claymore shrieked, metal on demon, and trapped the man, the other hand slammed into his gut. Westrel doubled over, whatever words that may have come next coming out in only a wheeze. Letting him drop to the ground, Shayne aimed a kick at him as he scrabbled away. His eyes were burning fires as they caught on the demon, but he turned swiftly and loomed over the smaller man, growling. "The only thing that I would ask for is not something that you have any power to give me, fool."

Another kick caught Westrel across the ribs, and he heard the cracking of ribs as Westrel let out a yelp of sharp pain. But the lord scrambled still, trying to go somewhere, anywhere. With a rumble, Shayne swung his claymore over his head and down, turning the blade so that he hit with the flat. The force of it slammed into Westrel's shoulders, bringing the man to a halt and shoving him into the ground. He whimpered incoherently as Shayne shoved a toe into his side and forcibly rolled him over. The same foot came down in a stomp on the man's chest, pinning him to the floor.

Rage contorted his face, and he reached down, fingers wrapping around Westrel's throat, squeezing as he lifted the man up into the air. Westrel clawed at his arm, but the bracers there didn't give him much grip and saved Shayne from what little damage the man could have done. Even those struggles weakened as his hand squeezed the lordling's neck, cutting off the blood supply. The fear in the man's wide eyes and the softness of his skin under his gaze and touch made Shayne bare his teeth even farther. Of course a man like this would die in fear.

His eyes flashed to the demon that barred the door, and rage flared higher. Everythign that he would have to go through in the coming years.. He let out a roar as he flung the man at Barriego, not caring if he broke the demon or pushed him from the doorway. He ran after though, pouncing upon Westrel's form and landing a solid punch across Westrel's jaw, slowed only barely by the weight of the claymore in his hand, leaving a rent across his cheek from the crossguard.
"Never again." He whispered, silently finishing the rest of the promise to protect Sigh from everything he possibly could. Westrel raised his hands weakly, trying to push against Shayne as the man took hold of his hair in one hand, and held his body still with the other. A quick, twisting motion, and it was done.

Westrel's hands fell to his sides as his neck snapped with an audible pop. In distaste, the Mad Lion tossed the body to the side, growling.

He then tapped on Barriego. "May I pass, oh barrier?" His voice grated with irritation that was not fully played out. But relief washed through him. One obstacle down. Now, Sigh and him would just have one more place to travel. And when that enemy was defeated... He shut down his thoughts. There was too much tragedy to come.
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