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The room in which Westrel and Shayne stood was a rectangle with only one visible door and windows on the other three sides. The windows were fanciful and large with bars on the outside to keep out the riffraff as Westrel had exclaimed when they had been installed on this wing of the building. Long, maroon curtains hung down at their sides held open by golden colored sashes. Several unlit candelabras were placed in between each of windows. A desk, a couple armoires, a foot stool, a fainting couch, and a large bed took up the interior space fairly well though, because of the size of the room, it still felt fairly spacious.

Westrel, now realizing how very desperate his situation had become, he turned towards the mad, ravaging beast that had cut off his escape. Perhaps it was time to be religious. Lord Xicus of the Shadows, grant me, your humblest of servants, mercy. I will do your bidding and kill many, uh, hundreds! should you ask it! Just spare me from this beast! He is your enemy too, a creature of the Lion's ilk! Grant me, ahhh! Ahhhhh! He screamed. The lordling, in a move of desperation, ducked down and thrust himself to the side, scampering around Shayne like a feisty rodent. He saw the path towards the door and decided to make for it straightaway like the escapist coward he was.

Sigh's calm footsteps walked through the bits of things that had been cast to the floor as Westrel had run through previously. The candelabra, papers, bits of porcelain and glass that had tipped from pedestals that lined the walkway. The woman smirked as she looked this way and that, wandering her way through the debri. The wailing scream she heard was evidence enough that she hadn't missed it yet. The grand finale. As sparks fly and men die... She laughed softly once. Then she saw him. Westrel was fleeing towards the door, the door directly in front of her. A quick thought occurred to her. Barriego! As if a sign of her growing power, Sigh pointed a long nailed finger at the doorway.

Barriego responded, stretching and twisting like an arrow in flight. As you wish, my Mistress. The demon, still speckled in blood from the man he had crushed, flattened himself against the doorframe, sealing the exit of the room before Westrel could get there in a partially transparent, pale blue field. Westrel bounced off of it and stumbled back towards the interior of the room where Shayne waited to destroy him.

What? No! Lord Xicus, save me! Save me! He touched the smooth blue surface, seeing Sigh behind it suddenly. With Shayne still on his heel, he looked back for the beastly man, no time to try to ply his ribbon twirling on the demon woman. S... Sir S... Shayne, please. B... be reasonable! Just... Just walk away. I'll give you money. Gold! More... more women! Anything! You just n... name it in exchange for my life and we'll call it even, yes? His voice shook as he swallowed heavily, his wide eyes filled with terror of the encroaching darkness that the Leosinian paladin represented. And with no escape plan options in the room he was trapped in... His sword arm shook mightily.
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