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Shayne growled, feet pounding after the slender man that was his target. His lips twisted in a mix between a snarl and a sneer as the room Westrel ran into turned out to have no escape for the man. The windows had bars on them, shadowing the light that came in from outside. His voice rumbled with barely held back heat as he snarled. "Nowhere to go, Westrel. You've locked yourself in, just like the stupid pup that you are. Not even a proper cub!" His eyes glittered as he maneuvered the man into a corner, claymore hardly acknowledged in his hand.

One hand reached out, grabbing for the lord to pull him close. Shayne's voice was barely above a whisper as he spoke now. "Scream, Westrel. Scream your heart out like I know you want to. Scream the way you would if I let my lady have a chance to do her work on you. Scream, and I might give you a quick death rather than a slow one." His breath came out between clenched teeth, and in that moment the large man knew that he wouldn't use his claymore in this. Death by sword was too good for Westrel.

He would kill him with just his hands.
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