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Katarina couldn't hide the look of startled surprise from her face and her eyes. -Master?- Then Collin seemed to really wake up. She shook her head, shook grass off of her black cloak, and then let it flop in a pile. "I'm fine, thanks." She looked up and down his body, raised and eyebrow, and then continued. "You, however, are a mess."

It was obvious, of course. But either way. At his request, she set herself, gripped his hand with hers, and pulled him up onto his feet, ready to stand by to support. With that foot, he might need it. Her voice was cool, impersonal as a physicians as she spoke again. "Before we really get going, we're going to take care of your foot. Even if I don't have anything to disinfect it, We can at least wash out the grit and bandage it up. If you're going to keep up, you'll have to be at least half decent with walking." She almost winced at her own tone.

Now, she looked around, eyes sharp on the lookout for continued persuit from the city, to the...west. They had gone east in the night then. She brushed her hair away from her face, the left side behind a slightly pointed ear, and then tracing her scar.

"You gonna be able to walk to the river?" Her eyes directed the direction to the flowing water.
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