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At 'Foolish Drow,' his eyes whipped open and he sat up quickly, pain wracking his body. His eyes were unfocused at first as he spoke. As you wish, Master! Consciousness was, it seemed, a fickle thing. He put a hand up to his eyes as he winced and began to become more coherent, realizing slowly where he was... and with who.

The hand came down, his sunset orbs readjusting to the daylight before focusing on Katarina who still stood over him. Oh uh... good morning, Katarina. How are you feeling? Nevermind him who was all pain and agony all over which he quickly suppressed by focusing all of his attention on one thing or another that wasn't his body or related to pain. It's time to get up, you great lump. She wants to go.

He stretched his back while he sat, his arms reaching over his head and then out to the side. He wiggled his toes for nearly a half-second before he realized how horribly rotten his foot felt, a wince and a hiss coming out of him simultaneously. Curses! That glass has done me in! With a pained smile, he looked back to Katarina. Would you be so kind as to... um... help me up? I can't seem to get my feet under me right now. Then we can be on our way, yes?
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