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Katarina saw his eyelids flutter, but no real movement. And only one, groaned out, barely able to be heard word. An expression of pain. -Well, duh. You went to bed without stretching, silly.- She was stiff and slightly sore as well, for she hadn't stretched out either. But as she stared down at Collin, part of her commanding her to just leave him in the dirt, she couldn't force herself to walk away. A sigh escaped her lips as she knelt down beside the drow. Her eyes caught site of his foot.

It was oozing pus and a clear liquid, she winced. It looked pretty bad, but then, they had run through dirt, gravel, mud, etc. It needed to be washed, bandaged, and something done to stop infection. Standing up for a moment, she glanced around, getting her bearings now that it was daylight. And the river was...over there, to the south a little.

"Collin." She called gently to him, and whipped the cloak off of his form. "Wake up you foolish drow! Oddly enough I don't want to leave you lying here as a distraction while I simply make my way to another city." Her voice was a little more harsh, holding some of the Lady Rogue's anger and frustration in it. But as she reached out to shake his shoulder her hand was gentle.
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