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The movement at his side startled him subconsciously. He knew that someone was there or had been there. He had felt the sudden whoosh of wind as whatever it was bolted. But it was like being submerged in mud. His body was protesting every single move he might want to make. His foot was screaming. His eyelids were lead. Collin did note, however, that he was breathing a little easier. Morning dew in the throat... Praise be to the roving gods who lead this mortal into the light and saved him and his companion... His companion? Katarina! Open, eyes! Open!

His white lashes fluttered once before his eyes rolled back into his head. Getting up was going to be much harder than he had first thought. So he groaned instead which, surprisingly, made his foot hurt more, coated as it was in some sort of puss, gravel, stone mix. H...hurts... was all he managed to say and it was quiet at best. The helpless drow could only hope that Katarina could get him up again when his body was shutting itself down again. He could feel the warm sun on him, his black, black skin soaking it in. It was daylight and the pursuit was still apt to show up.
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