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Her eyes kept straying back to Collin. -Stop it! You're keeping watch, and that's that!- But even so, her orange gold orbs looked back at the sleeping man, lips moving slightly as he muttered in his sleep, his movements restless, and yet there were moments of peace, when he looked as if he were really at rest. Did she look like that when she slept? Katarina didn't know. She shifted her position, and moved closer to the dark elf, looking down at his face.

Reaching out, she almost touched his skin, and drew back only millimeters before contact. -Shouldn't wake him. So tired. Wish I could sleep.- She sat close to his side, not quite touching, her head starting to droop, along with her eyelids. -Just rest my eyes for a bit. Rely on hearing. It's good enough...- Her eyes closed, and instantly she was asleep, falling gently over onto the grasses beside Collin.

The night seemed to flash by to her, and when she woke, the sun just starting to crest over the horizon, she was much closer to Collin. Her back was curled into his side, and she was tucked into a ball, much like a cat. Lady Rogue had the first reaction before Katarina could start thinking clearly. -Wha--! Where am I? Who is he?- Just waking up, Katarina wasn't able to hide instant, trained knee-jerk reactions. She sprang up, away from Collin and adrenaline pumped through her veins. -When did I fall asleep? I was supposed to watch all night. What if the guards had found us? What if...?- She shook herself. It was time to go, or would be soon.
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