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The drow shivered and said no more as he watched Katarina settled in to keep watch. He hadn't thought of that. He had only thought of her well-being. She seemed tired as he was. His eyes were heavy as she bade him to sleep. His body was heavy, pained, and slowly warming. His foot itched and felt sticky though there was nothing that he could do. His breathing was ragged and painful and that could not be alleviated.

He allowed his eyes to droop and close, his body shuddering one last time in the evening, his breath coming out in a hiss and a groan. He fell asleep soon after. Collin groaned softly as he dreamt of things he would not remember upon waking. He slept deeply and bid the night to pass slowly.

Me... Wretch... Noo... Please... please stop... It hurts, master... No... Mmffff... Even in dreams he muttered softly to himself, turning slightly before his pained body would allow it no longer.
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