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Her silver blond hair was blown into her face, a chill night breeze picking up a little and ruffling the grasses. Pushing it away from her eyes, she stared down at Collin, ignoring his question of why. -Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies, drow.- She shook her head at his suggestion of them sleeping by each other. -Up to no good? Maybe...- "I am unlikely to sleep much this night, and if I did, I most likely would injure you in my sleep. I'm an uneasy sleeper." The lie rolled from her lips without a second thought.

Part of her wished she had thought to carry water with her, so that she could give it to Collin now, when he needed it. But there was a river around her somewhere, and they could find it on the morrow, when it was light, and hopefully the guards would give up their search. "I will watch tonight, you sleep. We'll find food and water in the morning." Her voice was quiet.

-Yes!- Part of her said evilly, -Wait til he is asleep, and then you can walk out on the sucker like he never existed, go back to your normal life in a different city!- She shook her head, throwing those thoughts out for the moment. -He's followed me, helped me, protected me, and been more loyal than a dog raised from a pup. I owe him at least a meal and a good drink of water, if nothing else. Then I can leave.-

She shifted until she was comfortable. "Sleep, Collin. Sleep well and deeply." -I hope I'm making the right choice here.- Uncertainty, an almost unknown feeling for the halfdrow woman, filled her thoughts as she kept her eyes and ears on the alert, though the former kept getting drawn back to the dark elf who had helped her escape certain death and then certain arrest, if not death again.
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