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Katarina stated the obvious. He wasn't doing the best ever now that he had fallen. It was too painful to try to move. His foot was still pulsating furiously, blood still dripping slippery-like down the sole of his foot into the packed earth. It came as a surprise to him when she draped her cloak over him. The gesture warmed him as much as her gesture had done. Why...? He looked up at her with a smile even though, undoubtedly, she couldn't see it through the darkness.

His voice sounded small, tired, hoarse. W...why? His body ached masterfully. He knew that even with the sound of pursuit, there would be no chance in hell that he could run anymore this night. I... am bet...ter. Thank... you. Why... why don't... you sleep... beside me... tonight? Then we... we could both... stay warm... It... it is getting... col... His sentence ended in a wracking cough that shook his torso most painfully. Why did I ask her to sleep next to me? She will think that I mean no good, won't she? He swallowed again. It was painful. Collin regretted not closing his mouth more when he had been running. His moisture was gone. He wished for water... and for rest... At least, out of the few things he had left, he still retained his freedom and had helped Katarina win through to hers this night as well.
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