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Katarina had forced herself to follow Collin into the night, and what really kept her going was the feeling of his hand in hers. She could see, barely, by the small bit of light from the moon, but even that was covered by clouds from time to time, and she had to rely solely on Collin's guidance. She matched her steps to his, only a half step behind him to his right, and slowed as he did, her breathing heavy but even.

Sweat stung her eyes, and dripped painfully into the cut on her side, but she pushed through it. -This is nothing compared to having cuts packed with rocksalt...- She thought to herself. But she wasn't going through that, and the act of running, fighting, and adrenaline ups and downs throughout this day was severely taxing. This was proved by the drow a few moments later as he gasped out a question and then collapsed on the ground, letting go of her hand.

Automatically, a feeling of scorn came up. -Weakling.- She blinked quickly and shook her head. He had just run for a long time, and having not slept, and only eaten one good meal for weeks, he was doing extremely well. Katarina went down on her knee beside him, knowing where he was only because of the small light the cresent moon gave off, and his silver white hair that spread around his head. -He's shivering.- She frowned. "I'll be fine. But from the looks of it, you're not doing the best." Unclasping her cloak, she flipped it over his body.

Her mind was so tired it was throwing only facts into her cold, impersonal voice. "You're gonna need a hell of a stretch if you don't want to be completely stiff in the morning." Kat knew well the consequences of getting worked up for hours and then not stretching afterward, or at least walking until cooled down. Her orange eyes, keen as they were in the daylight, could not give a detailed examination by moon and star light. She sighed. "How ya feeling now?"
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