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Night came on as if a curtain was pulled over the sky. The last vestiges of color were fading and Collin lead Katarina through it. It seemed as if they had been running for hours, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He was nearly sure that there was no pursuit this far into the meadow where, even with the limited tree coverage, the constantly moving, tall grasses would cover them. His body was covered in sweat, glistening in the limited light. Gradually his run slowed, even as he held tightly onto the woman's hand.

He slid into a walk, crouching lower than a regular stance and urging Katarina to do the same as his other hand found her shoulder and pushed on it lightly to indicate lower even as he continued to guide her further out. The drow was striking out eastward with no particular destination in mind, but eastward was the forest which was more forgiving to a traveler than the always lively jungle. He swallowed heavily, trying to wet his parched throat which gasped dryly.

His words came out in a soft wheeze. Are... are you all right... Kat... arina? His body suddenly gave out and he instantaneously let go of her hand as he collapsed to the ground, the grasses cushioning the fall. Collin was breathing heavily, his lungs feeling as if filled with fire and his legs crying out with pain. He lay on his back, staring upwards as he gasped, his muscles shivering in their cold sweat even as the night chill was growing on. Perhaps it was lucky he couldn't even think; not even about why and how long he had kept onto Katarina's hand.
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