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The gate was a border between cage and freedom. Collin felt acutely aware of that fact. The woman whose hand he gripped tightly had become an extension of his body. They had to escape, get out through the front door, disappear into the brush outside, and use night as a cloak where he could lead Katarina to safety. Katarina? Where?! Oh! There. I have her.

They were moving as one force. Within seconds, they could pass through the gates. Collin lashed out a sideswiping kick at a guard that happened to get too near and paid no attention to him as the man stumbled and fell over.

Nightfall is... soon. We can... make it! Almost there! Their feet were on the threshold to freedom if only they could stay that one step ahead of the guards... and perhaps of Kormack as well. Is she... squeezing my hand...?
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