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Katarina was slightly surprised when he came up right beside her, and even more surprised when he grabbed her hand and sped faster. Seeing him, slightly ahead of her now, her hand not only clasped in his, but gripping his back, a small smile broke across her face. Never before had anyone encouraged her to do something, without threatening what might happen anyway.

Then a split second later, she remembered what was going on. Behind them, crashing through the crowd, were several guards. "Hey! Stop! You two are wanted for questioning!" The frontmost one had a voice like a drill sergeant. Katarina didn't look back. They were almost there. Almost, closer, closer, and then like a flash it was there and past. She sped her legs just a little faster, keeping up with Collin.

There was a ruckus at the gates as it was yelled to start opening the gates again, and guards started to push through, coming after Katarina and Collin. "Gotta keep moving!" She gasped out, and realized that she was still holding Collin's large hand. But things were moving too fast for her to let go now.

To the west, the sun was low on the horizon. Nightfall was only a small bit of time away...
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