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Now how did I get so lost? They were right behind me and then... Then I don't remember. But I have money now. Wait. I have money now. How did I get money again? I took it. I remember now. I took it from that guy and got away. Wait! I stole it?! Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no! What do I do?! I'm a thief!

She looked left. She looked right. She looked behind her and then realized that that guy she stole from was talking to some guards back there and that she shouldn't ever look towards the person that she had stolen from as it would make her look guilty which she was, but honestly she didn't try to steal it. Well, she kind of tried and was successful at stealing it, but she wasn't consciously trying to steal the pouch full of money, but she did kind of consciously... Oh my oh my oh my... I am so... messed up.

Pheena sniffled a little bit, her eyes filling with moisture. She didn't want to be lost when she had finally gotten her first friends. So she began to whimper softly instead. Fyra...? Koro...? Oozork...? Where are you...? She sniffled loudly, trying to be brave as she kept on walking. Foward was always the best option even if she didn't realize that she was heading into the heart of Phenvast City.

Once again, she caught a shiver that went up and down her spine. Someone is watching me. She looked around as discreetly as possible and began to move a little faster.
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City Treasure Hunt? · Phenvast City

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