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Fyra dropped her jaw in a grin. Randatria was a long ways away, but the prospect of heading towards the biggest city would keep her going for weeks. All of the nobles there were so helplessly oblivious. Her eyes were constantly on the move looking for Pheena, but every now and then picking a potential theft.

"Yes, where is Pheena...?" She strained senses for the half elf's scent, voice, anything at all.

Thief! Thief!

Humming an old tavern song, Fyra spotted the cloaked figure, though very few others did. She glanced around, locked on the street that she had seen the figure. It looked familiar somehow, height maybe? or the way the person moved? She turned, looked at Koro, and jerked her head to the street that she had seen the figure go down.

"I think she's that way." Her ears pricked forward, the feline thief started walking in that direction, whether Koro followed or not was his problem.

Now where was Pheena?
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