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As he left behind the rock he once held on so dearly not too long ago at the entrance of the city gates, Koro began to look around his surroundings in the city he was so familiar with. Being taken in by the sights of the city, Koro did not notice either Fyra or Pheena moving away to do their own business because he found something odd with the city of his birth. He did not notice the faces he usually sees whenever he passes through the entrance nor did any of the stores around him look correct. He began to wonder Where is that singing hobo? This city felt familiar, but it was for a different reason all together. Soon enough, the gears in his head began to click.

This place is not Randatria.

It was then that he started a feel a bit silly that he mistaken the western city Phenvast with the massive central city Randatria. He slowly looked around for his companions as he thought to himself Bla, I cannot believe that I made such a mistake like that. Koro travels around the land very often so the cities of Elefor are the places he usually stops at. Most of the time, he comes into the city simply to rest. Sometimes, he tries to sell his popular potions on the streets. Still, lest he’s more familiar with the city compared to Pheena.

On that note, Koro noticed that his companions are no where to be seen. While he is sure that Fyra knew her way around a city, he is rather worried about the girl who has no memory.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were running away from some unknown danger, why did those two run off lik-

"Where is your shop, Koro?"

Finally looking at a familiar face, Koro bluntly told her that “Well my shop is in Randatria. So, that’s gunna have to wait. For now, we need to find Pheena first before we make any plans.” Beginning his search for that half elf with amnesia, he hoped that she did not get herself in any trouble.

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