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Westrel turned at the sound of his door opening, his face pale and gaunt already, the specter of a fear that he hadn't discovered how to alleviate in a long while. It ate at his very soul as it had for a long time since he had escaped. The demon that Sigh had unleashed him had nearly taken him once. Ever since that moment when he peered into demonic black eyes and a mouth full of vicious teeth, he'd had nightmares that plagued him even when he opened his eyes. He had expected to see his mercenary commander standing at the door, but instead he saw something completely different.

The lion's headed helm encased Shayne's face in a silent roar, a brilliant mane falling down to his spiked shoulders. A vision of a grinning death. The cruel curve of his mouth was visible even if his eyes were only small glitters in the shadows. The screech of a steel blade could be heard as the paladin dragged his claymore's edge along the floor behind him, his fingers gripped tightly and controlled around the hilt. Westrel gasped. "Y... You!" The lordling took a step back, his already yellowed skin paling further towards a sheet white.

"You couldn't run from me forever, Westrel. It was only a matter of time before I found you again." Shayne's voice was a deep, sinister growl that crawled out of his throat and through a mouth filled with bared white teeth. He strode onwards, an unrelenting tide of one rising up to meet that which wanted to run. The lordling's foot stepped backwards shakily, his mouth felt dry. "No amount of mercenaries can keep me from you. No hole is deep enough for you to hide in. No money is enough to buy me off. You can't run from me, you son of a bitch."

Westrel unsheathed the rapier at his hip and took a hasty step back into a candelabra, the whole thing clattering to the floor loudly as the man stumbled, barely avoiding a fall. The rapier was held in a shaking hand. "S... Stay back, d... dog! My guards will be h... here momentarily!"

"I doubt you could pay them enough to fling themselves in front of me for your protection. Face me like a man, coward. You're lucky I'm here. If it had been my wife... Well, I wonder if you've seen the things that she commands." The tip of his claymore shrieked against the ground as he brought up the blade and aligned it. Westrel's body let loose at the mention of the demons, a dark stain spreading down the inside of his trousers before the man turned tail and ran for it to another room. Shayne's feet slammed upon the ground, gaining on the unarmored and lightly armed man. The heavy armor clanked, but he moved as if he wore nothing at all so used to that ever present weight.

"No! No! No!" Westrel's voice was a moan of displeasure as the man ran, terrified out of his wits. The rooms had windows, but to fling himself out of one... He doubted that he could push past the bars that he'd had installed on the outside to keep Shayne from getting in! This can't be happening! Can't be happening! Oh by the gods, save me! SOMEONE!


Sigh's blade had been shoved inside the man as far as it could go. She swivelled the weapon around some more, concentrating on the man's tormented visage. "I suppose this hurts. I suppose you want it to stop, for me to just end it for you, hmm?" If there had been enough room, she was sure he would be screaming, nodding, pleading, anything to get his suffering to stop. His intestines were probably nicked and wrapped around her blade, his body fluids slowly leaking from each punctured organ into the next. His delicious suffering was paying her back for the revenge that was only mildly denied to her. "I am probably missing the grand finale of Westrel's miserable little existence..." A troubling thought found her. I wonder if he could still control me if I was near enough. Would I try to end Shayne again? That would go against the controls he laid against me though. I couldn't do anything to get Shayne to stop loving me, right? A sigh crawled from her throat. The clang of metal on stone alerted her to the game afoot in the next room. Westrel was probably running. The petty cruelty the Demonologist was inflicting upon a guard would have little bearing on the fate of the lordling in the next room. She yanked the rapier out of the man swiftly, not bothering to go slow anymore. "Barriego. Crush him." She flicked the blood off of her sword and sheathed it in a fluid motion.

"As you wish, Mistress." Barriego's body flattened with the man still caught inside the shield. The bones grinded together, the flesh creaking wetly, a water balloon too tightly held. Crimson spewed up the sides of the shrinking barrier, sloshing about, splattering in a controlled fashion. The mangled body slid to the floor, twisted beyond all recognition. Sigh, not even spattered in the least, pushed open the door that her beloved had entered and smiled grimly as she saw Shayne pursuing Westrel once more. The image of the man running up the tunnel after him once before impressed upon her mind.

"Right on time."
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