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The demon led the two people down the hallway as swiftly as he could, Shayne's armor clinking only minorly as he moved, trying to be stealthy with the weight of metal on him. He had wanted to make an impression on the lordling. What else would strike fear into his heart like a well armed and armored Leosinian paladin with fire in his blood, ice in his eyes, and vengeance in his heart? He will get his just desserts and no longer be a ghost that haunts us. The guilt still lay heavily in the man's heart from Westrel's usurpation of his wife. He would not make the same mistake twice.

There were only a few times that stops were necessary. They didn't want to alert Westrel to their presence by unnecessary fighting in the hallways. The clang and clatter would only cause Westrel to flee down some rabbit hole where they would have to track him down again and flush him out. There was little time for that as Sigh's desire to meet with her father again was becoming something that she could ignore no longer, it seemed.

Sigh moved quickly on her feet beside Shayne. Her steps were whispery, the hiss of her clothing as it moved. Barriego was proceeding well. She looked at the demon, knowing that he was doing all he could to help her achieve her goal. Because of the deal and nothing more. The woman tried to push that down deep inside her. A first born son who didn't even know life yet would be sacrificed. It pained her more deeply than she ever thought that it would since she had bartered for her life with a demon and its black deals.

"This way. We have almost reached Westrel's wing." The demon waved the two forward and they continued down the hallways, lit by windows with light streaming in on one side. There was little room for error here. If they ran into mercenaries, they would have to fight or try to slip into a room. Rooms offered little promise. There would be furniture to fight around, dust that would whirl and obscure vision, and there would be no clear way to escape should the merc force be too large. It only seemed better to have just themselves and the demon.

It was then that they reached the large door, guarded by a single man who hadn't yet seen them. Barriego motioned that they had reached the room that would belong to the manor's owner. Sigh held out her hand to keep Shayne from moving in towards this man that would obviously need to be done away with if they were going to gain entry into the lord's room. "If you get to kill Westrel, then let me kill this one." Her whisper was very quiet. Shayne nodded in response, his face grim. Sigh's mouth broadened into a wide, wicked smile, her eyes glittering.

Pale blue eyes looked to the glass demon, her hand motioned for him to approach the intended target. The merc would have little chance to respond. The plan was laid out in the demon's mind that was connected to that of his Mistress. The glass demon darted out on his stick legs, stretching and bending as he reached out towards the armored man and began to enfold him. The man's eyes widened in confusion and then sudden terror as the flexible and transparent material wrapped around him before it began hardening into a solid shield. Barriego's substance was no globe this time, but a glass coffin, restricting the man's movement and not giving him enough air to even scream. Sigh then strode up, her body moving with a purposeful stride as she unsheathed her weapon. Her head was high, her shoulders back, her dark hair framing two intense orbs of sinister blue light. "Make a hole for me, Barriego." The woman's voice was cold, dangerous as the shield parted slowly in a region where the man's armor was weak by the hip. The man's terror filled eyes were fixed on Sigh's face as he desperately tried to move, failing. Her rapier was honed to a sharp point. She simply stuck her fingers into the hole in Barriego's shield, pushed the bits of leather armor this way and that to keep it held out of her way before she slid the point of her weapon in. Slowly...

The blade pushed against the man's flesh, his eyes wide now, pupils dilated in complete terror. Shayne stood behind Sigh with his arms folded across his chest as he waited patiently for his beloved to finish. The entrapped man's flesh parted with an audible pop, blood starting to slide down the woman's blade or drip down the inside of Barriego's form fitting shield. "No, this won't be pleasant for you. Your choice of employer will cost you and, as I am relinquishing my right to end that employer, I need some way to feel as if I accomplished killing him myself." Slowly the blade traveled inside, moving slowly upwards as it began puncturing the man's internal organs. He was alive yet, very much alive and very much pale. The woman fed on his terror, sating her vengeance as much as she could on the feeble flesh of the mortal before her. Her eyes pasted Westrel's features on his fearful face. "Go inside, Shayne. Westrel will be inside. This will take me awhile, I think." Sigh's gaze flicked to Shayne momentarily before coming back to the mercenary.

Shayne's grim smile crawled upon his face as he nodded. "As you wish, Sigh. I'll leave enough so you can watch." Sigh's head moved in a nod as Shayne moved around her and cracked the door to the suites open and went inside.
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