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She had nodded. Walking was a good thing. It stretched muscles and loosened limbs and generally toned the flabby body. Collin was not flabby in the least; lean, underfed truly, but his muscular build was there even though it was not very defined. There was a softening that he could sense in his companion. He wanted to reach out and touch her arm, but dared not to as she was skittish like a doe in an open meadow as the unfamiliar thing suddenly stumbles in. He followed her, matching her stride exactly instead of making his own. I will give her the power so she does not flee and still feels as though she is in control. She will direct and set the pace. I will... Name?

He walked beside her, close enough as to be considered 'walking together' by one watching them and far enough away where he didn't feel that he was invading her personal space. He could smell her scent lightly, earthy and like iron, blood and dirt like all children of the earth. Name?

What would you like to be addressed as? Katarina, Kat, or Lady Rogue? I will call you what you wish. Not every name a person possesses is what one would like to be called, or so I have found. He looked forward, his eyes skirting down the side passages of this alley and that. Lovely name, she has. It befits her. Hard consonants, ending in a soft vowel. Names fit the character of the person. Strong, bold character with a secret soft side that is hidden... if one knows where to look.

He rubbed the shackle on his right wrist. It was a bit sore which was figurable as the flesh beneath the metal hadn't seen the light above in many years. It ached, from what, he could not guess. It simply was what it was. The drow's ragged hair draped across his forehead with the slight breeze that was flowing around them and he did not bother to move it. Hair. It will move on its own... eventually. I should cut it... Too bad I lost my cutting rock.

Where shall we go? He looked back to her, pleasantly, still rubbing his wrist.
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