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All people are lonely. Some more than others. Each person is an island even when scattered amidst other islands. As the old adage goes, like ships passing in the night. You just seem... lonely.

Part of her reached out towards the drow. He seemed to be so... understanding. But then Katarina narrowed her eyes again. -Why should I listen to him? Walk away and be done with it. Hopefully you don't run into him again...- But she couldn't make herself walk away. His mumblings began again, and he was so...intriguing. -No! Stop it!- She bit the inside of her lip with sharp teeth, breaking skin and bringing the iron taste of blood to her tongue.

-Who is he to tell me what I'm feeling anyway!- Resentment entered her glare. -Why does he throw me so off balance?- She looked around again.

I'm not curious, really. Just observant. You're nervous. What is going on? You are worried? Should we go elsewhere or are you expecting another friend? Walking is not a crime. Would you like to walk with me?

"Nervous? Worried? Pshaw! I don't have to worry about anything but when my next meal is. I've only got one other person to meet, and that meeting will be at an unspecified time, later." Again nonchalance had provided a somewhat dignified retreat from weakness. His last question echoed through her mind for a moment, and with out wanting to realize such, she found that yes, she did want to. He was too interesting to just leave be, or kill, or maim, or whatever. She nodded in response to his inviting question. Hopefully, no one would realize...

I would like to know your name.

Katarina's eyes flashed at this. No one ever asked for her name. Everyone knew who she was. -He must truly have never heard of me from anyone since he entered the city. Weird- She chewed at the inside of her lip, debating, and then words flowed without her commanding them too. "I'm known as Katarina. Most call me Kat, or Lady Rogue. And you?" She glanced around, and started strolling down to the opposite end of the alley than that she had come in from. She paused though, waiting for the dark elf stranger to match her step, or keep pace.

-I can't believe this! Why am I walking with him? I should just kill him! I know he had to have seen something back with Fetterman!- But looking at him, his raggedly trimmed hair, -I could fix that- dark skin, orange eyes...everything about him gave her this strange feeling of kinship that she was unused to. His way of jumping from topic to topic like a trout after a bug on top of the water was unbalancing, and yet it drew her in. She hid a confused look, but didn't quite manage to hide it from her gaze.
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